Read what some of the directors in attendance had to say about past RMS events!

“I didn’t know how they would react to it, but all I heard was how awesome the day  was, how delicious the food was, and what fantastic singers they were surrounded by.  I think the best terms I can use to describe the feeling they exude now are  “passion”, “pride”, and “confidence”.  Words cannot describe how appreciative I am for all of you understanding the importance of music in the lives of these boys. Singing is something that they can do for a lifetime and you so eloquently displayed this with the diversity of the Limestones and the GNU chorus. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to next year!”

“The adults working and the facilities were top notch!  Thanks for all of your work!”

“Well now you just created more work for me.  The four boys I took want to start an a cappella group.   They want to meet before school.   I am auditioning beat-boxers next week.  They want tee-shirts and to tour.  8th graders.  What on Earth have you started?”

“My co director and I were both very impressed with how well managed the day was. It seemed very organized, especially considering it was the first year. I loved that the performing groups represented so many different types of choral singing. Please maintain that.”

“Impact on my choir: Do you mean aside from strutting around like peacocks when we all wore our “Just Sing It!” shirts on Wednesday (uniform free day)? Or one of the boys who is not in choir asking if it was too late to join (of course not!). Or when I played the You Tube video “One of Those Songs” from your Portland performance them going, “That is so cool!” “I know that guy, I sang next to him!””

“This event has energized my choral program. Boys who told me they didn’t think they could sing are now singing out with more confidence. When we did warm-ups this morning and started in with 1-5-4-5-… I had three guys jump out of their chairs and yell “I know that one!!” and then asked if we could sing it slower so they could really get it.”

"It had a huge impact on my students. Before the festival was even over, they were asking about going to this event next year. They sang all the way home on the bus. Their enthusiasm was seen the next day in Men’s Chorus Rehearsal. They gained a confidence that they can sing “all this stuff”.”