The Great Northern Union has experienced an incredible run of competitive success.  While barbershop competitions are not our sole mission, we do take them very seriously.

The Great Northern Union competed in the Land O Lakes District Competition and won that championship 24 times. 

The GNU has competed at International 24 times in our 28 year history.  Previous to 2011, the highest finish for the chorus was 3rd place in Louisville in 1991.

After the 8th place finish at the 2006 International, the GNU leadership recognized the opportunity to step back and revaluate what the chorus was doing.  The prevailing concern was the commitment it takes to compete at a high level and the concern that the GNU was becoming a “two-song chorus.”

Click here to download an article from the Nov-Dec 2009 Harmonizer

The decision was made to take two years off from International competition, regroup and return in 2009.  The results speak for themselves.

During a 2010 leadership strategy session, the decision was made to continue on an every other year schedule for International competition (recognizing a win would change that timetable).  That schedule was altered after missing the gold medal in 2011 by just 5 points.  Therefore, a decision was made to go to Portland in 2012 with a very strong package.

The GNU will not be competing in Pittsburgh in 2015. 

Year City Rank Average Score # on Stage
2006 Indianapolis 8th place 87.0 66
2009 Anaheim 3rd place 92.1 86
2011 Kanasas City 2nd place 94.1 94
2012 Portland 2nd place 95.0 118
2014 Las Vegas 3rd place 94.5 96

Winter Wonderland

2014 Internationals | Las Vegas, Nevada