The GNU typically self produces two major concerts a year.  One in the spring/summer depending on our contest schedule.  The second is currently a Christmas concert.

During International years, the Spring/Summer Concert is called On to Fame (OTF).  The OTF is scheduled on the weekend before International week to give the chorus an opportunity to perform the contest set right before the contest.  Land O Lakes District qualifying quartets are also invited to perform.

On non-International years, the Spring/Summer concert is usually scheduled in May.  This concert is designed to be a “barbershop” focused concert.  For example, any guest ensemble is more likely to be a barbershop quartet.

A Christmas concert was added in 2013.  It was born of the idea that it requires a completely different repertoire of the chorus which attracts more audience.  Christmas concerts in general are well attended family events, of which the GNU wants to take advantage.  In addition, Christmas music is more accessible to people who have not heard the chorus before.  These concerts are less about being barbershop and more about being opportunities to expand the audience base.

Guest ensembles for the Christmas Concert may not necessarily be barbershop related.