In 2013, the GNU started the first Real Men Sing event in the Twin Cities area and drew over 240 young men to a day of singing.  

Real Men Sing is a one-day workshop celebration of the young male voice.

Real Men Sing is designed to not only encourage young men to participate in choir, but also provide role models and motivation to stay involved throughout their school career.  It is also designed to “jump start” and motivate the men in your choral program early in the school year.

Real Men Sing is a first-hand exposure for these young men that there are artistic and creative opportunities waiting for them even after leaving high school.  In addition, it demonstrates that a very diverse group of men can come together, build community, create enriching music and have a great time doing it.

The following are testimonials from two directors that represent many of the comments we received from the event:

“It had a huge impact on my students. Before the festival was even over, they were asking about going to this event next year. They sang all the way home on the bus. Their enthusiasm was seen the next day in Men’s Chorus Rehearsal. They gained a confidence that they can sing “all this stuff”.”

“I didn’t know how they would react to it, but all I heard was how awesome the day  was, how delicious the food was, and what fantastic singers they were surrounded by.  I think the best terms I can use to describe the feeling they exude now are  “passion”, “pride”, and “confidence”.  Words cannot describe how appreciative I am for all of you understanding the importance of music in the lives of these boys. Singing is something that they can do for a lifetime and you so eloquently displayed this with the diversity of the Limestones and the GNU chorus. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to next year!”